Living Room – Ceiling Fan

So the first thing I would plan for, is actually the ceiling fan. Air circulation is my key concern for the new flat – while I will install air-conditioning for the living room, I do not expect it to be on most of the time. Furthermore, the living room will need a set of lights anyway.

This is the current style of my ceiling fan-cum-lights

I had the idea of the super-big fans, or they call it ‘Big Ass Fan’. Being commercial fans, my ‘auntie’ mindset will be that such Big-ass fan can service both my living room and dining room effectively. Price is steep though, almost S$3k sold in Amazon. Even the smaller (and more suitable for home-use actually) is more than S$1.5k.

Call me silly, one fine day I came across this chandelier-looking lights with retractable fan, and I immediately decided on it. Selling at ~S$220 at Amazon.

Description: Ceiling Fans Chandeliers Modern Retractable Reversible Ceiling Fan with Crystal LED Light and Remote, 42 Inch Invisible Ceiling fan with 4 Clear ABS Blade, Living Room Ceiling Light with Fans (Silver)

Bought and delivered within the next 2 days, so fast!! Now it is sitting in the box chucked at one corner, waiting for installation when my BTO comes next year… hmmm..

Anyway, one item down from my planning list, and guess this ‘chandelier’ will dictate the design of the other items in the living room. Next up – sofa.

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