Sofa, couch, how?

The sofa is the place where visitors will make a beeline for. It is also the place for us to slough and marathon Netflix. Several considerations for this sofa. First, it must be comfy yet firm enough for back support. Very picky yah. Comfy = the cushy type. Back-support = with a proper curve or contour. How do we balance that? Second, it must be big enough, to sit at least 4 pax comfortably, with safe distancing (:p). Thirdly, it must have a longue, for full leg stretch. Fourth condition = it must be cat-proof.

Yeah, I have 2 cats and I am aware it is illegal to keep cats in HDB. Still hopeful for the rules to be relaxed.

So I used to like leather sofas, because of the ease of cleaning. Just wipe in the event things spill onto the sofa. However, looking at the kind of damage to my current half-leather sofa, I changed my mind. I can now explore more options, from Forty-Two, IKEA, Castlery, etc, and even Lazada.

Anyway, no rush, I can take my time to scout around. Will move on to other areas of my flat.

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