Eat Well

At the dining room now. Hubby has always wanted a round dining table, as it is supposedly better for fengshui. However, looking at the cramped orthogonal dining room, space will be wasted in the corners. This site gave some ideas: to avoid sharp edges of square/rectangular tables, we can go for an oval/oblong shape. Other than shape, I am also concerned over the type of top – tempered glass, wood, marble, etc. Glass is definitely out, for safety reasons. I am more in favour of marble, given the ease of cleaning.

To note that the bench has to be separately purchased, as it is not part of the set. Most probably I will place the bench at the inner side of the wall, and wooden stackable chairs (from Ikea) for the rest 🙂

Other options to consider, as the marble option is not cast in stone yet.

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