Decorations – Painting (Part 1)

Part of this design journey is the decorations for the flat – auspicious paintings are a must. Option available are aplenty – I can scout for nice fengshui paintings from pasar malam, or pick up something nice in future overseas trips (after COVID-19 of course)

Recently I came across the 5D painting concept, where pictures are self-painted using diamond-like resin. The end-effects would be glistering, hence it would give a multi-dimensional look. And it is cheap too!

So I chose this ‘Goldfish’ one, for only S$4.43. Do note that it is a DIY, meaning I will have to do the painting myself!!

The package arrived, in about 1.5 weeks. It has a sticky canvas and individually packed resins of different colour and coded. It looks easy to paint, just follow the codes on the sticky canvas, pick up the correct coloured resin, and paste. Let’s see my first (and is it last?) attempt at a DIY 5D diamond painting:

Day 1: started with the bottom-left corner with black colour. It was quite a painful start, as I had used a wrong colour initially, due to over-anxiety to start. So I ended removing the wrong colour for the same patch, and pasting the correct ones.

Day 2: Continued my painting. As this painting is done after working hours, I had just committed around 3-4 hours each day. Still on the black colour. Starting to feel neck aching due to extended hours of looking downwards.

Day 3 : Ventured into the red colour to get a feel of how the fish looks like.

Day 4: Very hardworking, as it is a public holiday today

Day 5: I can say that at least 75% of the painting is done. However, the more I work on the painting, the lesser it resembles the original version in the advertisement?

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