Decorations – Painting (Part 2)

Finished my 5D diamond painting on Day 6. I estimated that it took about 25 hours in all. See the comparison with the picture featured in the advertisement – I must admit that I was a bit disappointed with the end-result.

The fishes in the diamond painting are not as clear as that of the advertisement. Nevertheless, I have to remind myself that this diamond painting is considered small – 30cm by 40cm. In terms of pixels, maybe its resolution is not good enough.

This gave me an idea – why not try a bigger canvas size, maybe the resolution will be better? So I went Lazada-shopping again, and found this bigger one at 50cm by 100cm. It is a vertical painting of 8 horses, definitely something which is auspicious enough for my new flat, to motivate me towards completion.

To spur me further, I decided to equip myself properly. I fetched a proper 5D painting toolkit from Lazada, at about $18. It even came with an adjustable stand so that I need not worry about neckache, and the back-lit stand also allows easier view of the codes.

Now waiting for the package to arrive, from China. This is gonna be major work, I will control my anxiety and work on this major project slowly.

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