Decorations – Painting (Part 3)

Chinese paintings are usually used for decorations, especially when it brings in the feeling of auspiciousness. Typically we will go for fishes or horses, or those landscapes with mountains and waterfall/river. I was scouting for a suitable painting in preparation for Chinese New Year, and to replace an old painting.

The online market (Qoo10/Lazada/Shopee/etc) has a lot of digitally-printed paintings at affordable prices. For example, at below $13, we can get a nice painting like the one below. Do note that it is unframed, and will take roughly 2 weeks to reach your doorstep from China (free shipping).

I was pleasantly surprised at the nicely-rolled-up canvas. Then came the need to frame. A nearby framing shop quoted S$94 for framing with glass cover. It felt a bit steep, compared to the cost of the painting itself. I had asked about using acrylic instead of glass, but apparently it is way more expensive, I think about S$120 (didn’t bother to remember as it has exceeded my budget). The shop then offered canvas stretching instead, at just S$36. I went for this third option. It should be a simple-enough job for the shop, after a couple of days, voila!!

Though the outcome is a little different from that in the advertisement, which seemed more classy with the glossy surface, I think it is still ok. This canvas stretching method is actually even better, because it would be lighter (since no frame) and easier to hang on the wall. Separately I also bought a second painting and framed it using canvas stretching as well:

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