My Diamond Painting addiction

Life felt hollow in the 2 weeks while waiting for my next package from China. Finally my horsey painting came, and I am back at pointing and sticking the drills. By the way, drills in diamond painting context refer to the ‘diamond beads’ which are multi-faceted resins. This painting routine is really therapeutic, as it gives an immense sense of satisfaction with the sticking of every drill and the filling up of every gap. It is little wonder why diamond painting is framed as a hobby which is great for health. In fact, I do find that I am able to conceptualise and come up with new ideas for my work while painting. It is quite hard to articulate the feeling which I get out of every sticking of the drill – the best description I can put through, is probably to describe each pasting as kissing the face of your baby or lover.

After my experience with a 40cmx30cm painting, I am now more experienced in it, and able to do it faster. Definitely, learning the correct methods from online videos helped. One major difficulty I had when starting on diamond painting, was getting the drills to face the right way. If not the drilling pen cannot pick them up. I had to manually flip every drill using the drilling pen, hence slowing down the process. Then I saw this video which showed the right way, by shaking the drills while inside the tray (which is provided in the diamond painting package). The drills will magically line up facing correctly upwards along the line grooves.

One other useful tip, is to use the drill box to store the drills. With the labeling on the boxes, it is faster and easier to select the required colours. I bought this drill box from Qoo10, for about S$14, and it has served its purpose well thus far.

This post has been taking very long to produce, because of the title – I am addicted to diamond painting, hence most of the time I am working at the painting (other than my real work to bring the bread to the table) :p

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