Completed 1st Big 5D

With reference to my earlier post on Decorations – Painting (Part 2), my 50cm by 100cm horses 5D painting was finally completed on 5 Feb 2021 – in less than 1 month from its delivery (on 12 Jan 2021). I am quite pleased with the results, having pasted more than 50,000 round beads (estimated based on size of each round drill at about 0.28cm).

Indeed, with good sorting of the drills and a back-lit panel, 5D painting was much smoother.

In 5 days
On 25th day

I had sent the completed painting to the same framing shop, intending to get it nicely framed regardless of cost. After all, it is my first BIG 5D painting. To my pleasant surprise, the shop quoted a low $65 for framing with glass front. Previously it was $94 for a 60cm by 120cm painting. I guess the owner now sees me as a loyal customer 🙂

It has been a 3-week hiatus from my blog-writing due to indulgence in the above painting. I was suddenly reminded of the probable completion of my new flat in 2nd Quarter of 2021, hence I should be going back to my flat design planning.

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