Metal Gate

The metal gate serves as the safety barrier for the flat – though Singapore is said to have low crime, it is still necessary to avoid attracting potential perpetrators. Furthermore, my family has the habit of leaving the wooden door open, hence we will rely on the metal gate to secure the flat.

You may ask – wouldn’t the BTO flat already come with a metal gate? I had previously mentioned that I have cats at home, hence the gate needs to be cat-friendly, ie the gaps in the gate should not be too bog to allow my cats to ‘escape’. There have been some posts shared in the cat-lover forums, on what kinds of gates are cat-friendly – I really doubt the BTO’s standard metal gate will be like them.

While the above are effective cat-friendly gates, they are too dull. I would prefer some aesthetic design, as the gate is after all, the first thing visitors will see.

Through googling, I came across the laser cut kato gates which may meet my requirements for ‘looking-nice’ and can provide sufficient security (for my home and my cats). There are many designs and suppliers, including Lazada. Pricing-wise, from $980 onwards. I believe the BTO flat’s gate is 4 ft by 7ft, hence the price will be higher at $1,080.

To take note of these gates and designs:

  • Steeldios – at $1,080 onwards, and I think it does not include installation
  • Laminate Door Pte Ltd (via Lazada) – at $1,180 includes installation
  • GoDigitalLock – $1,180 – $1,280, has promotions for package with digital lock and door
  • Firerateddoor – $980, has promotions for package with digital lock and door

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