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Back . Ended . Sharing

My last post was in end-Jun – it has been a good 3.5 months since I last posted. Yes you have guessed right, the past months have been gruelling, so much so that I had no time nor energy for posts. Now I have settled down for a few weeks already, and will start reflectingContinue reading “Back . Ended . Sharing”

Reuse Reuse Reuse

Moving into a new flat involves high expenditures. While it may be desirable to build a dream home with everything new and nice, the financial burden will be an issue which will haunt flat owners. Despite all the wishlist built up over time, I am going to split them between essentials and good-to-haves. It isContinue reading “Reuse Reuse Reuse”

Budget (v1)

Virtual window shopping is enjoyable, but one tends to lose track of costs.. So far how much have I planned to spend? Metal cat-proof gate: $1200 Living room sofa: $1599 Living room TV console: $725 Living room PRISM TV: $1699 Altar: $730 Dining table + seating: $1329 + $329 Total until now: $7611 Didn’t countContinue reading “Budget (v1)”


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