Completed 1st Big 5D

With reference to my earlier post on Decorations – Painting (Part 2), my 50cm by 100cm horses 5D painting was finally completed on 5 Feb 2021 – in less than 1 month from its delivery (on 12 Jan 2021). I am quite pleased with the results, having pasted more than 50,000 round beads (estimated basedContinue reading “Completed 1st Big 5D”

My Diamond Painting addiction

Life felt hollow in the 2 weeks while waiting for my next package from China. Finally my horsey painting came, and I am back at pointing and sticking the drills. By the way, drills in diamond painting context refer to the ‘diamond beads’ which are multi-faceted resins. This painting routine is really therapeutic, as itContinue reading “My Diamond Painting addiction”