My Diamond Painting addiction

Life felt hollow in the 2 weeks while waiting for my next package from China. Finally my horsey painting came, and I am back at pointing and sticking the drills. By the way, drills in diamond painting context refer to the ‘diamond beads’ which are multi-faceted resins. This painting routine is really therapeutic, as itContinue reading “My Diamond Painting addiction”

Decorations – Painting (Part 2)

Finished my 5D diamond painting on Day 6. I estimated that it took about 25 hours in all. See the comparison with the picture featured in the advertisement – I must admit that I was a bit disappointed with the end-result. The fishes in the diamond painting are not as clear as that of theContinue reading “Decorations – Painting (Part 2)”

Decorations – Painting (Part 1)

Part of this design journey is the decorations for the flat – auspicious paintings are a must. Option available are aplenty – I can scout for nice fengshui paintings from pasar malam, or pick up something nice in future overseas trips (after COVID-19 of course) Recently I came across the 5D painting concept, where picturesContinue reading “Decorations – Painting (Part 1)”