Completed 1st Big 5D

With reference to my earlier post on Decorations – Painting (Part 2), my 50cm by 100cm horses 5D painting was finally completed on 5 Feb 2021 – in less than 1 month from its delivery (on 12 Jan 2021). I am quite pleased with the results, having pasted more than 50,000 round beads (estimated basedContinue reading “Completed 1st Big 5D”

Decorations – Painting (Part 3)

Chinese paintings are usually used for decorations, especially when it brings in the feeling of auspiciousness. Typically we will go for fishes or horses, or those landscapes with mountains and waterfall/river. I was scouting for a suitable painting in preparation for Chinese New Year, and to replace an old painting. The online market (Qoo10/Lazada/Shopee/etc) hasContinue reading “Decorations – Painting (Part 3)”

Decorations – Painting (Part 2)

Finished my 5D diamond painting on Day 6. I estimated that it took about 25 hours in all. See the comparison with the picture featured in the advertisement – I must admit that I was a bit disappointed with the end-result. The fishes in the diamond painting are not as clear as that of theContinue reading “Decorations – Painting (Part 2)”